Item Tiers


  • Item Tiers​




    Starter - Dynasty​

    PvE Damage Reduction​

    PvE Damage Dealt Increased​


    Starter Evolved - Dynasty Elegia/Valyrian​

    PvE Damage Reduction/PvE Dam Dealt Increase​

    PvE Damage Dealt Increased​

    Silver-Glittering Medals / Max Enchanted Dyn Weapons combined into Elegia​

    Mid Game - Vesper​

    Increased Stats - No PvE or PvP specialties​

    Increased Stats No PvE - PvP specialities​

    Vesper Essence/ Silver/ Blue Eva / Glittering Medals​

    Mid Evolved - Vorpal/Vorpal Masterwork​

    PvP Damage Reduction​

    PvP Damage Increase - Heal Power Increase​

    Vesper Essence/ Silver/ Blue Eva / Glittering Medals​

    Late Game - Titanium​

    Increased Stats, Active skill Inner Fire​

    Increased Stats, Active skill Sudden Flash​

    Titanium Rune/ Silver / Blue Eva/ Festival Adena/ Glittering Medals/ Gold​

    Late Game Evolved - Titanium Legacy​

    PvP Damage Reduction- Elemental Resists​

    PvP Damage Increase​

    Legacy Runes​

    Late Game Supreme - Titanium Supreme​

    PvP Damage Reduction - Elemental Resists​

    PvP Damage Increase​

    Supreme Bars​

    Unique Tier​


    Specialities depending on the Weapon Type and Class that uses it.​

    Drop Only​

    Unique Evolved- Legacy- Supreme​


    PvP Damage Increased.​

    Legacy Runes / Supreme bars​

    End Game- TBA​




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