📖RappieL's Guide about PvE and PvP

Hello world and Welcome to Lineage 2 Trinity Remastered! Here i wanna to show you about my guides PvE and PvP Here we go.

Beginner PvE Gear :

Everything you have to starter getting from GM-Shop grad all S are Tier 1. ( Alt+B -> Shop -> Starter Shop)

Q: Where is better to farm for beginner solo?

A: Of course COT ( Alt+B -> Cave of Trials ) Step by Step by the way to repeat it farm! Do not forget it!

After all you have farmed for materials to have enough Silver and Festival Adena everything for equipment like dynasty set, weapons, jewelry, accessories like All Standard Tier 2 from Luxurious Shop (Alt+B -> Shop > Luxurious Shop)

Q: All i have bought all dynasty gear items etc, Now what and where to farm better?

A: Once again COT around other next lvl mob to farm where you can handle it. Also make sure Enchanting your gear up high to +20 in order to feel better strong and finding around people for party up together farm at Cemetery.

Also I wanna to tell you a Tips! Shift+CLICK on mob to show you everything Information of mob ( Like Combat Stats-Element Stats / Drop Info / Chance drop / Amount of Drop ) So you will have a lot of learn that way all mob to reach your next lvl experience farm in-game!

Mid-Late game PvE Gear Upgrade :

  • After have you all experienced farm and have tons of stuff materials enough to make next lvl upgrade of your gear PvE item.

  • Upgrade your PvE Gear Dynasty Armor and Weapons to Elegia / Valyrian-Masterwork with materials Valyrian Bar Metals are obtain from Fisher Mob/Cot Farm Zone.

  • Buy Superior accessories (Face) Raid Master Circlet best options for all classes PvE farm and (Hair) Depends on your class, depends on your own preferable, also all are good.

  • Buy Cloaks , Brooch + Gems , Belt , Right Bracelets + Talisman (PvP Shop) , Left Bracelets (PvP Shop) , Relic Jewels ( Rare Event Token are obtain from Events )

Everything is that keep up to date for a better farm experience.

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