📖Ozzymandias - Guide on Farming Techniques for Enhanced Efficiency

Welcome to Lineage 2 Trinity Remastered. As a new player your best goal is to farm and gather currency in order to unlock your full potential in game, in order to do this I 'd like to offer my help to new players in our community and how to get there.

As you log in you start with simple S grade items or you can choose to take advantage of the unseal the seal event that the staff made for the new players that you can find more detailed info in the event section, you can get a set of your choice that fits the class you wanna play. Here the best weapons for farm are Dynasty weapons that you can upgrade later with Valyrian bars and make them even better for damage to monsters that will accelerate your progress. Dynasty weapons are obtained with silvers that you can farm from mobs all over farming areas, witch are:

Cave of Trials


Pagans Temple

Cave of trials is the most preferable choice for newcomers because it is easier for you to solo farm there and most mobs got lucky drops Valyrian bars that can help you as i said above.

When you farm some silvers you can try get your weapon of preference from Luxurious shop>Weapons>Dynasty weapons and you try buy more than one because it has a chance of obtaining it more enchanted . Same goes with armor, Luxurious shop>Armor>Dynasty Armors.

For farming dynasty armor is better because it gives you more resist to mobs damage and can be upgraded as well with Valyrian Bars, although if you get a temporary shadow titanium armor from the unseal the seal event it will work just fine, and don't forget you can also get 2 relic jewels of your choice.

Depends on your class and what stats they give you choose wisely. After that you got to get 2 accessories (Face + Hair) that can provide you with additional stats from Luxurious shop>Standard accessories or get 2 superior from unseal the seal event.

At scheme buffer you will find ready schemes for all the classes.

I will be more than happy to help new players. Any questions dm me. Discord: merfips

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