📖katsaplia's - Guide for new players from a new player

Welcome to L2 trinity remaster..this is the first full custom server i have ever played and i will try to help you with my experience. Lets start from hunting:

There are 2 farming zones plus instance zones:

Cave of trial: Is the best choice for newbies cause it have easily to killed mobs.

Cemetery: The mobs is a little bit harder but the drops are better.

Chaotic zone is mostly a party farm area but the drops are very good.

Except of farm there are events too.. participation in them is important cause you will take event tokens as reward that is very important currency and can help you in the start..in events you can also take PvP that's important for you so you can join harder instances.. As new player the hunting ground event is the best choice cause all players is in same tier and you can collect a lot of pvps. I hope i help you with my guide..as i said i am new too and this is my experience until now!

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